How to find the best burger?

How to find the best burger?

How to find the best burger? Autumn is approaching, but before we go all pumpkin spice, let’s try to enjoy the last few weeks of summer by making the perfect burger. Take a last-minute road trip, go to an amusement park, and, of course, eat one final burger before the grilling season ends.

The burger is deserving of the title of summer’s official dinner. It’s the season’s centerpiece — every July cookout’s Thanksgiving turkey.

Summer would smell like a sizzling burger on a barbecue if it were memorialized as a candle. So, to close your summer with anything less than a wonderfully seasoned, juicy burger would be a disgrace to an all-American food.

What, on the other hand, makes the perfect burger? Is this beef from a nearby farm? Is it a special spice blend? Does the cheese make a difference?

Here’s some professional advice from Sandwich America’s bona fide burger specialists on how to prepare a burger so delicious that the flavor will sustain you through the chilly months ahead.

Select your meat carefully.

Angus, Buffalo, regular beef, or black beans for our vegetarian and vegan friends? No matter what the heart of your burger is made of, you should never use a frozen patty.

Do not be afraid of being overweight!

Make sure to consider the marbling when selecting the meat for your burger. The distribution of fat throughout the meat is referred to as “marbling.” Any fat distribution between 20% and 30% is fine.

No matter what you’re using be sure the fat ratio is enough to keep the burger wet. Too low a fat percentage, he advises, can result in a dry burger.

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Adding seasoning

The majority of burger specialists utilize kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper, but that’s just the start. At least five minutes before cooking, apply a substantial quantity of dry rub to burgers, regardless of whatever spice combination you favor.

The buns

The bun serves a purpose other than being a vehicle for your burger. It’s another context-enhancing element, but not just any bread will suffice. It must be a bun that will not become soggy or fall apart when exposed to fluids and condiments. The bread should not “outweigh the burger.” Try brioche, challah, or even potato rolls as bread.

The garnishes

Toppings not only provide flavor and texture to a burger, but they may also connect the theme together. But be careful not to overdo it. If not used sparingly, some toppings might become overwhelming and detract from the burger experience.

Toppings are the best place to experiment with different flavors, textures, and colors. Think sweet, crunchy, creamy, and pickled.

When it comes to condiments, think beyond ketchup

Consider condiments to be a spread or a liquid topping that can enhance the flavor of your burger masterpiece. Make a large, bold statement! Use peanut butter and it’s delicious!

But on which side of the bun should the condiments be spread? Is it better to have a top or bottom bun? It all depends on the flavor profiles and when you want the sharpness of a vinegar BBQ or the nutty notes of peanut butter to touch your palate during the burger experience.

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