How to Eat Burger

How to Eat a Burger The Right Way!

Burgers. Unquestionably one of the most delectable dishes available to an omnivore. However, it is also one of the messiest. There is a right way to eat a burger!

So, with the current trend of topping burgers with deep-fried mac and cheese patties, pulled pork, avocado, and other ingredients, conquering a burger is no easy task.

Under the weight of the ingredients, the bun becomes mushy and falls apart, the lettuce pours out onto your plate, and you end up with a juice and sauce mixture dripping down your wrist. It is not elegant.

However, it turns out that we’ve all been eating burgers incorrectly our entire lives, and we’re not talking about using a knife and fork. The correct and best way to eat a burger is to flip it upside down.

Yes, the strange sight may make you nervous, but experts say there are a number of reasons why this is a preferable eating approach.

Burgers are served in this manner merely for aesthetics, and since the crown (top of the bun) is often thicker (and thus stronger) than the heel, you should really eat it upside-down for a better eating experience.

A true burger expert should always eat their burgers upside down, so the crown will carry the weight of everything else, and there will be less likelihood of it breaking apart in your hands. But it’s not only about keeping the burger from crumbling in your hands.

How to Eat Burger The Right Way?

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When it comes to the upside-down eating technique, there are two schools of thought: some recommend flipping the burger on your plate as soon as it arrives at your table, while others argue that you should leave it right-side-up on your plate but pick it up with your thumbs on top and flip it as you bring it to your mouth.

The latter method’s proponents argue that picking up an item in this manner is far more natural (rather than with fingers on top and thumbs underneath).

Another claim is that a burger tastes better when eaten upside down. As one bites down on a hamburger, their tongue hits the bottom of the burger, suggesting that toppings are easier to taste when a hamburger is upside down. Just before the patty, the tongue will come into contact with the toppings, which is excellent.

It’s a technique that many burger fans swear by, but it’s relatively unknown, and even some of the most seasoned burger experts are unaware of it.

It’s always done things the ‘right way,’ but it makes sense now that they should be eaten the right way up, and they were meant to be eaten upside down.

Our Thoughts on the upside-down approached

When you received your burger it is already soggy so flipping it over ensured that the fluffy crown, once dry, absorbed just enough juices while the heel, now on top, remained intact.

We weren’t sure that eating your burger upside down causes your tongue to contact the toppings first – all of the elements of the burger mingled together in a pleasant way once in our mouths, but the outcome would have been different if we had tested a burger with more toppings.

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