Cheese for Burgers

9 Best Cheese for Burgers

Nothing beats a delicious, melty cheeseburger on occasion. And if you’re going to make one, we’ve discovered that these are some of the tastiest cheeses to use. American cheese is a melty staple, and smoked Gouda on burgers with barbecue sauce is lovely. Not to mention Cheddar, which goes great with anything from pickled slaw to fried shallots to Russian tarragon dressing. Continue reading for dishes with those cheeses, as well as a list of the finest cheeses for burgers.

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American Cheese

Burgers and melty American cheese are a marriage made in heaven. In these fiery smash burgers, combine it with Hatch chile salsa for a “queso-like experience.”


Stilton’s pungent, salty flavor is ideal for huge, powerful burgers like umami burgers, which are topped with a port reduction and (optional) Umami dust. Alternatively, use Stilton in tiny amounts on these mini cheeseburgers with onion jam.

Gouda cheese that’s been smoked

Smoked Gouda and smoky barbecue sauce are a winning combination; try it on these patty melt-style burgers. On these savory turkey burgers, it’s also a wonderful compliment to the peppery horseradish.


Provolone, sun-dried-tomato pesto, and silky spinach flavored with anchovy paste and garlic go on top of these sausage burgers, which may be cooked with sweet or hot Italian sausages, or even a combination of the two.

Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is one of the best melting cheeses, and it’s ideal for a super-gooey cheese sauce like nacho burgers. Because of its robust but mild flavor, Monterey Jack can stand up to powerful flavors like those in 50/50 burgers prepared with hot Italian sausage and minced chuck.

Pepper Jack

Atomic chile jack cheeseburgers are made with pepper jack cheese and ghost chile powder, with mayonnaise, sliced red onion, pickled jalapenos, and cilantro as toppings.


Brie, ultra-gooey and creamy, may elevate your burger to new heights. Try it melted on top of these bacon burgers or stuffed into patties with scallion flecks. (When the scallion paste is mixed into the meat, it gives “amazing flavor,” and the Brie adds a luxury touch.)

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Goat Cheese

Green-chile bacon burgers with goat cheese combine the tangy goat cheese with mango chutney-coated bacon and roasted poblano chile. In these double-decker burgers, the cheese is paired with chiles (in this case, a grilled chile relish).


Cheddar cheese, another classic burger topping, is one of the stars of these BLT burgers with Russian tarragon dressing. (For a wine pairing, try an intense Cabernet.) You can also pack Cheddar into the patties, as in these cheddar-stuffed burgers with pickled slaw and fried shallots. Are you a huge fan of turkey burgers? Next-level turkey burgers with lemon aioli and barbeque sauce work well with Cheddar. Try this “ideal burger” with cheddar cheese, butter lettuce, red onion, mayo, and ketchup for a basic cheeseburger.

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