Best Toppings and Ideas for Burger

Best Toppings and Ideas For Burger

You’ve tried every traditional topping. Why not add some fresh delectable elements to the mix? Here are some best toppings and ideas for your burger that you can try.

This article is about gourmet, next-level hamburgers, not simple cheeseburgers (though those are delicious as well).

Pizza, spaghetti, and even breakfast items can be used to create intriguing and distinctive burgers. Some of these toppings may seem outlandish but trust me when I say they’re delicious.

Your next barbecue or picnic ought to be the nicest one you’ve ever had! For your next burger, wow your visitors with some of these strange yet extremely delicious toppings.


Why not put coleslaw inside the bun instead of serving it as a side dish with your burger? Coleslaw adds a tart crunch to a plain burger, making it more energizing and intriguing.

Plus, coleslaw is a budget-friendly alternative, so it’s a win-win situation.


If you’re from the west side, you’ll know that we like a bit of heat in our food.

Some chopped chilies on a burger cut through the hefty meats and cheeses. They provide just the right amount of tanginess to your ordinary cheeseburger to elevate it to new heights.

Spicy food is also proven to boost your metabolism. So, whatever chile pepper you choose (jalapenos, green chiles, or pepperoncinis), will be healthy for your health and taste buds and it will be the best toppings and ideas for your burger that you can try.

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Use a thick slice of pineapple and your preferred BBQ sauce for a tropical flair. Pineapple is so bright, flavorful, and juicy that it could serve as the sole garnish and still be delicious.

On a hot summer day, the fruity sweetness wonderfully balances off the meaty umami notes, making for a refreshing burger.


In recent years, it’s been difficult to obtain a burger without bacon. There’s a good explanation behind this!

Thick, smokey, salty bacon pieces will add to the delicious flavor of your burger. It provides your burger structure and depth of flavor, and it improves the flavor of any burger.

It’s impossible to go wrong with bacon!

Sunny-Side Up

This is a hotly debated topping. Some folks prefer not to deal with the mess that a runny yolk creates. Others believe the egg and the ground beef combination is simply too rich.

A fried egg on toast, biscuits, and gravy, or even atop a burger is something I adore.

The addition of a fried egg to my burger elevates it to a memorable event for me. It’s not your typical burger, to say the least. This topping, on the other hand, is oh so tasty when you want something a bit more.


Pickles, maybe the pinnacle of delectable toppings, add an extra kick of zing and the ideal amount of juiciness. You can’t go wrong with a sweet, crunchy pickle, whether it’s dill, sweet, cucumber, or zucchini.


When it comes to burgers, cheese is a must-have element. Cheese complements burgers in the same way that peanut butter complements jelly.

You must have cheese, whether it’s a thin slice of American, a thick slice of Swiss, or a creamy Provolone


Burger toppings must include condiments. They provide flavor, texture, and moisture, all of which are essential.

I can’t picture a burger without a condiment, whether it’s spicy, creamy, fresh, or rich!

Mustard and ketchup are undeniable classics. If you don’t put anything else on a burger, this tasty combination is a must-have.

For an especially creamy and luscious burger, use thousand island dressing or ranch dressing.

Mayonnaise is, of course, a must-have element for providing moisture to your buns.

Best Toppings and Ideas for Burger


Another burger topper that may be used in a variety of ways is onions. They provide a fresh, spicy taste when thrown on top raw, which is a welcome counterpoint to the greasiness of the beef patties and cheese.

Caramelized onions have a mild sweetness to them, and fried onions are delicious! Whatever sort of onion you select, they offer dimension and personality to your dish.

It almost appears that the onions have been baked into the patties. This is part of what gives them their distinct flavor.


Because lettuce doesn’t provide much flavor to a burger, it must be crunchy. You could add some mixed greens or arugula for a little additional zing, but my advice is to keep the romaine crisp.

One approach to achieve this is to wait until you’re about to use your lettuce head to wash it. This prevents the greens from becoming soggy in the fridge. Even if your lettuce does end up looking sad, there’s a solution for that as well!

To revive your lettuce, soak it in an ice bath for a few minutes.

There is a lot more out there that you can try in order to elevate your burger experience. However, which on the list of our best toppings and ideas for burger are you going to try on your next eat?

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