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Best Cheeses For CheeseBurgers

What are the best cheeses for a hamburger, particularly a cheeseburger, since it is a staple of American cuisine that is celebrated in thousands of large and small restaurants? In fact, the burger industry as a whole is worth $40 billion! Every year on September 18, there is even a National Cheeseburger Day. Sure, going out for a burger is nice now and again, but a cheeseburger is so simple to prepare at home that it pays to experiment with different cheese and condiment combinations that will save you money while also tasting wonderful since you made it.

Begin With A Traditional Cheese

The cheese is, of course, the secret to a delicious cheeseburger! Choose a great, from-the-farm, real dairy cheese from any grocery, online cheese store, or specialty food store across the country instead of the American slice.

Beginning with the classics, a cheeseburger can be made with Cheddar, Swiss, or blue cheese.

Best Cheeses


This pleasantly pungent and exceptionally creamy cheese, whether “stuffed” into a burger or melted on top, makes a cheeseburger absolutely delectable. Many luxury steakhouses put blue cheese and high-end bacon (such as Nueske’s from Wisconsin) on their burgers because the combination of the two offers one of the richest hamburger flavors available. The “Black and Blue” burger is a classic, with a ground beef patty blackened with Cajun flavor and crumbled blue cheese on top. Because a little goes a long way, the amount of blue cheese you use on the burger should be determined by how much you enjoy it.

Best Cheeses


Swiss cheese is another extremely melting cheese that goes especially well with bacon or sautéed mushrooms, like in the famous Mushroom Swiss Burger. This nutty, buttery cheese has a unique yet mellow flavor that makes it an excellent addition to a burger. Traditional Swiss, also known as Emmentaler, has a stronger flavor profile than Baby Swiss, but, as with Cheddars, the top-shelf matured stuff is best saved for the cheese platter. Baby Swiss cheese is aged for a shorter period of time and has a gentler, butterier flavor.

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Best Cheeses


Cheddar cheese is one of the most popular cheeseburger aids, as it offers a cheeseburger a good “tang” and robust flavor. Cheddar cheese comes in a variety of mild to intense flavors, depending on whether it’s white or yellow (or aged). Young (mild) Cheddars typically melt the finest. Save the sharp vintage Cheddars that have been matured four years or more for your fancy cheese and cracker plate.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

Expand your cheeseburger options to include some unusual specialty cheeses, as there are hundreds to pick from. Simply melted on a basic cheeseburger, all of these cheeses are delicious…but the recipes below showcase the best of what these cheeses have to offer on juicy gourmet burgers.

Best Cheeses

Goat Cheese

If you’re looking for the ideal cheeseburger, don’t be scared to stray from the cow’s milk road. Montrachet, a soft goat’s milk cheese (chèvre), gives a deliciously creamy taste to the grilled beef. Try a mixed-milk cheese made with goat, sheep, and/or cow milk for added complexity. If you’re using one of these great cheeses, skip the ketchup and go for the gourmet option of caramelized onions or handmade onion jam instead.

Best Cheeses

Monterey Jack

One of the best cheeses for melting is Jack, which is ideal for a sloppy cheeseburger. Its mild flavor also makes it a good match for robust flavors, as in Bobby Flay’s dish. Season your ground beef with Mexican or Italian seasonings, then top with Jack cheese. If you want to amp up the heat, use jalapeno or habanero Jack cheese.

Best Cheeses


It’s no wonder that Gouda cheese, a traditional Dutch cheese currently made by several cheesemakers in the United States, is one of the world’s most popular cheeses. It comes in a red wax rind and is creamy and mild…and it makes a fantastic hamburger.

Best Cheeses


Brie cheese is a soft cow’s milk cheese that originated in France and is sometimes served on a cheese board or wrapped in puff pastry for an exquisite starter. A hamburger with melted Brie cheese on top, on the other hand, is unbeatable.

In Paradise, a Cheeseburger

Some consider cheeseburgers to be the ultimate comfort meal. In our opinion, anything with a lot of melted cheese qualifies as comfort food. Hundreds of cheese-laden photos for original dishes and copycat burgers from famous restaurants appear when you search for “cheeseburger” on Pinterest.

Craving For A Cheeseburger?

Best Cheeses

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